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Sunday, July 27, 2008

30 Days of Happiness - Day 24

Happiness is...

A hail storm on a cold winters afternoon. Not snow but as close as I'm likely to get in the Nongs.

It is also red liquorice, peanut m&m's, hot sweet tea and a roaring fire in the hearth. I know - I'm a creature of habit, fire, chocolate and tea on winter evenings are my idea of heaven.

Happiness is also storms...

If I was going to have another name, it might well be Storm. It's being born on the cusp of both darkly sexual Scorpio and sunny, smiley Saggitarius that does it - making me impossibly temperamental.

Stormy Sea by Khalid Almasoud on Flickr

Storm on Murano Venice by vgm8383

I want to go back to Venice again. Italy on the whole calls to me in quite a persistent way, as if it wants me to sell me something.

Sea Storm by Taipan2007 on Flickr
Can't you just see the alien ships in this one?

Storm in Brazil Rodrigo_Rosse on Flickr

This photo is quite beautiful. In the middle top bit of the cloud, I swear I can see some kind of angelic or godlike face. It sort of reminds me of Zeus from Jason and the Argonauts. The whole cloud formation is a bit like a Divine being stretching out its wings to let the light of its heart shine out into the world. Just lovely.

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