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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Awards, Accolades and a tiny bit of Trumpet Blowing!

The lovely Griffin from blog Snapper & The Griffin has nominated me for the above award. I'm so delighted - firstly that anyone other than my good friend DocWitch reads my blog and secondly that those people like what they read. It makes a girl feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So thank you, kind Sir Griffin.

Before I get to the nominating of 6 other people and trying to figure out which 6 things I like more than the gazillions of others, I'd like to blow this particularly fine trumpet I happen to have right here. (Pause to wet lips and inflate cheeks).

Of late, several interesting and lovely things have happened to this little witchy-poo and I'd like to share them here. The most important one is that I had my very first article published in Living Now (October issues), a local well-being/new age magazine with a national readership of around 300,000. Not only did they love my article (on Rites of Passage), they made it the central theme of that month's issue AND they published my photo (the very one you can see at the top of my blog) as the front cover of the magazine. Not bad considering I've never submitted any articles for publication before! So - yes, I'm having a little G.L.O.A.T.right about now...


I'm back and much more sensible. It's just that though I love writing and sometimes believe I have a talent for it, I never quite believe it. You know? BUT when someone else wants to put your writing in print, then you have some objective validation. I know I shouldn't need it but I am only human.

Now I've got to nominate (only) six other blogs from the world of bloggery and then list six things I like. I wonder why six? I'm more of a seven type of girl and I do like a good nine.

First skeleton out of the cupboard would have to be:

Dark Side of the Broom - I know I've nominated her before but I absolutely love her blog and read it religiously. She has so much heart and so much art to her writing that I always leave with a big smile and even bigger ideas.

Acoustitch - a crafty mum of two whose kidlet clothing is simply gorgeous. Another opportunity to have craft envy.

One Red Robin - she makes cute cuddly things that I actually covet for my room, never mind my daughters. Plus, she's purdy.

PeaSoup because she's just so spiffing. Love the crafting and the recycling and on top of all that she's nice AND she loves red shoes almost as much as me!

This Vintage Chica because she's soulful, she loves her boys and she does taste tests of apples. I could just give that woman a big hug.

The Crafty Crow because she's just so damn creative. I have a little anklebiter and this woman has a never ending supply of cool and interesting things to do with littlie. Wonderful and colourful to look at.

Can I also just pop in a runner up? Visit BlueBirdBaby because she is my muse. I love this blog but I have nominated her for an award before. Still, you can't mention craft and not mention this wonderful blog. She cooks (gluten free), makes beautiful bespoke items of children's clothing, takes the most amazing photo's and farms.

I know most of these blogs are of the crafty sort but honestly, I have terrible craft envy and these people inspire me and make my day more joyous and colourful, so please go visit them and be inspired.

Things wot I like:
Storms - I love the thunder, the lightning and the rain - particularly at night. So primal and so passionate.
The novels of Dion Fortune.
An open fire and an accoustic guitar - tis the damn gypsy in me.
The smell of Jasmine, the Stargazer Lily (after which my daughter is named) and the blossoms on our Lemon tree - most especially exquisite at night perfuming the warm breeze.
Books, books and more books. One can never, ever have too many. All that knowledge just waiting to be absorbed, it just gives me an excited tickly feeling in my tum.
Belly Casting - getting my plaster soaked hands on the beautiful round belly of a preggie woman whilst creating a lasting piece of art to remind her of this wonderful time in her life is just so rewarding. And messy. And fun.

So, (places trumpet down discreetly) this has been me and I'll be back after this short intermission.


Griffin said...

Modom, you are welcome. Like you, I love thunderstorms - they leave me breathless and wide-eyed and deeply aware how tiny I am in the face of the universe.

Also cannot agree with you more... books, books, more books with a side salad of books! I've been warned that if I buy any more, my bedroom floor will collapse and I will find myself living downstairs. I forbore to mention that would mean I'd have a very high ceiling and plenty more shelf space. Somehow it didn't seem tactful!

sol y luna said...

Congratulations, me darlin. I love that you are getting lots of external acknowledgement of your creative talents! It can give a much needed, delicious kick up the bum to keep getting your stuff out there. Which you bloody well should. You are such a gifted wordsmith and I have been blowing your trumpet for years, Missy! Can´t wait to read your article. I do love a good storm, and burying my nose in mounds of jasmine. Ahhhh. love you. p.s. getting tempted to venture into blogworld myself, when on home shores again...´bout time I honoured my own muses!

docwitch said...

Thankyou sweetheart! That is so lovely of you and it's a gorgeously perty award...

And I think it's so bloody wonderful that you've gone and gotten yourself well and truly published. I've been hanging out to read your piece. In fact, I'm going on a concerted hunt tomorrow for Living Now mag -I can't find it anywhere! I used to pick it up easily, all the time, but lately it doesn't seem to be available along my usual beaten track.

Suse said...

Thank you so much for the award! I am feeling very honoured, and blushing a little.

Anonymous said...


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