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Get Knitted

All things knitting related including some of the sites I visit most often. Check back because I will keep adding new things.

Ravelry - The absolute best place for knitters in my humble opinion. Tutorials, free patterns, a place to show and share projects, forums to ask questions about patterns or bits that are bugging you. You name it, it's there plus I'M there too!

The Purl Bee - Another great site though not just for knitters but sewers too and quilters. Free tutorials and patterns and believe me when I say that this site got me through my first M1R and M1L and I-Chord shennanigans, without losing hair. That's saying something.

Yarn.com - A friend put me onto this site for yarn and oh dear...it's addictive. Every type of wool is there, so go and drool my friends, go and drool.