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Sew Fantastic

Sewing wonderful things for ourselves, our little anklebiters, our friends, whatever moves you, with blogs to inspire you and a little covert fabric fondling thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!

Sew Mamma Sew Blog  - best site ever for free tutorials and a whole lot of drool worthy fabrics.

Sew Can Do - great site for all sorts of lovely things to make and look at. Stuff for kids, for mums, for pregnancy, toys and her awesome Princess Leia Hairdo hat for bald babies!

Made - Lord, where do I begin. Just go and have a look. It will blow your mind.

JCasa* Handmade -  This site lists a lot of free patterns for knitting, sewing, cooking and crafting with kids. She has also just written a book about the latter which looks fandabbydosy.

Soulemama - She does everything. Seriously. She knits, she sews, she makes beautiful things, she homeschools her family of five children (I know!) and she homesteads. She has written three wonderful books (all of which I have - or will do when the last one is published in August) and I love them. Check her out.

Indietutes - Lots of great free patterns.

Made By Rae - Great patterns, some free, some you buy but they are not expensive and they are lovely.

Homemade By Jill - Tutorials, patterns, sewing gold.

Vixen Made - Lots of cool stuff.

Luv In The Mommy Hood - So much stuff and its all fantastic. I get sore eyes just from browsing all the wonderful things here.