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(Franken)Steiner & Waldorf Love

A list of great blogs, groups and sites that deal with all things Steiner & Waldorf related. There will probably be some crossover here with the Parenting and Crafting tabs but you can never get too much of the good stuff.

The Magic Onions - doesn't the name alone make you want to visit? Full of craft and education and rhythm and fun related posts to bring out the child in all of you.

The Parenting Passageway - fantastic resource for all things parenting related and homeschooling related, if you happen to be doing that also. Great advice and lots and lots of articles to help you with just about anything.

Mamma Moontime - Craft projects, inspiration for mammas, parenting - it's all here.

Celebrate The Rhythm of Life - probably one of my most frequented blogs on Waldorf parenting. Recipes, monthly guides, advice.

Frontier Dreams - crafts, parenting, Waldorf - check it.

Rhythm Of The Home - Parenting, nurturing, crafts, inner work, special celebrations and all of it divided into the four seasons. Wonderful site and so beautiful.

Rhythm & Rhyme - Great source of Waldorf inspired crafts and lovely site to just browse around. Lots of good tutorials too.

The Wonder of Childhood - Online Waldorf/Steiner magazine. Full to the tippiest top with goodness and inspiration and great articles on all aspects of positive, respectful parenting. You'll love it.

The Mystical Kingdom - Absolutely the best resource I've found for Waldorf verses for just about everything from morning to night.

The Ancient Hearth -  Beautiful site that offers Waldorf inspired homeschooling education and tips, book reviews and just looks so beautiful. She also has some killer tutorials.