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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Birthday Girl - A Retrospective

The newly arrived Lily-Bean - looking ready to uppercut the photographer! That's what 40-hours of labour will do for ya.

It's my beautiful wee girls 2nd Birthday today. Yes, Lily is 2 already!

I cannot believe how quickly the past two years have gone. One moment she was this tiny little newborn and I was a terrified new mother trying not to break her. Suddenly, she's this curious, funny, cheeky little toddler - demanding biccies and chasing the cat around the garden. How did that happen?

I know there are days when I wish for even 5 minutes to call my own, but in reality I cannot imagine now how my life was without her. I would not want to be without her now, she brings so much joy and laughter into my world. And beautiful? This daughter of mine is so completely adorable that I hardly know how to contain myself most days. I find it endlessly amazing that she is mine. Anyway, I decided to take a look back over the last two years and put in some of my favourite pictures of my darling Lily-Bean. Warning, this may end up being a looooong post with lots of piccies because there are so many adorable photos.

But seriously, all together now...'Awwwwwwww'

A very tired New Daddy with tiny morsel of daughter. Day two.

How tiny was she! Just one week old.

Blatant Anne Geddes rip off but soooooo cute.

Adoring New Daddy and tiny offspring. Week 2.

Week three. Love child. So true.

It's so damn tiring being a baby. Yup.

Mamma and Me

Our special little Christmas Pudding.

Happy little Bubba - 3 months old

Kicking back in the bath

Beautiful Beanie in a beautiful beanie - couldn't resist those blue ears.

Cheeky little Cabbage Patch.

Baybee in red...

Angel in the Grass

First Day at the Beach

Lily's First Birthday

Well, that's the shortest version of the first year I could manage. Now for the lead up to her second Birthday. Gird your loins people.

A montage of pictures around feeding time.

Stop! Hammer Time.

Most likely to change my world at the very least.

Oh hi, I buff your floors...

Our intrepid Little Explorer

First I steal your Teddy, then I take over the WORLD! Mwah ha ha haaaa!

Lily wins the World Yodelling Contest hands down (and nekked).

This takes us up to halfway through her first year. Only a few more, I promise.

Indulging her inner artist.

It's cold in these thar hills!

A contemplative moment in an otherwise very busy life.

Well - that's it. Some of the most beautiful photos of my little Beanie. Interesting only to me I'm sure but still. I couldn't let her 2nd Birthday pass without marking it and looking back at all the amazing memories we have created and shared.

I am a mummy and I am truly blessed.

Happy Birthday Lily-Bean - wishing you a wonderful new year of discovery and happiness little one.



docwitch said...

Happy Birthday Beanie!

Those photos are just sublime. And dangerous. Makes me want another one now. Gah.
Truly - she's adorable, and such a little personality. That's a lovely dedication to your Lily-flower.

Griffin said...

Happy Birthday Bean!!

She looks so cute. Love the pic of dad and Bean looking into each other's eyes. Very sweet. The tired daddy with bean is also wonderful.

But that one of mum and Bean is very lovely and so moving. Lucky you and even luckier Bean.

Just keep this post in mind when she's a teen, won't you!!

sol y luna said...

Ahh. Sitting in a Bolivian net café with a huge grin on my face. Loved every one of the pics, though my tough old fairygodmother heart aches to see her, and not hug her RIGHT NOW. Hope she had a brilliant birthday. Yup, clucky levels at record highs.XXXX

Moonroot said...

Gorgeous photos! I loved 'em. Your Lily is beautiful. Happy birthday!

Mon said...

She's bloody adorable! And a fellow Libran, ahhh
Makes me wish I tried some Ann gedes type posing with my LO.