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Friday, October 3, 2008

Op-Shop Bonanza

*Sleep Suits, Cuteness n Rock 'n' Roll

Well, it has been an interesting week. I have experienced a few firsts this week, not the least of which is I am now a proud home and third of a sheep owner! Yes, our (2nd) offer was accepted on a delicious house with a wonderful garden and we have now officially put our feet on the first rung of the property ladder. More to the point - we have our very own wee hoosie. I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. This last move will be our last for a long while (if I have anything to do with it!) and so I have suddenly found a new enthusiasm for packing boxes and planning clearouts and garage sales. It's so lovely to know that we have a home of our own finally. We really didn't think that it would happen this soon. Just three weeks after we decided to start looking, we bought a house. That's pretty bloody quick - especially for two such cautious souls as ourselves but this is a dream house for us and the Beanie, yet here we all are. All fresh faced and optimistically planning our veggie patch. And to be moving in Spring too. Just delicious. There is a gorgeous sun trap of a terrace which will be partially shaded by a couple of lovely trees, so there will be enough sun to enjoy but not to fry. Just what this pale skinned Celt needs. This and lots and lots of plants. Yum. (Deep sigh of contentment).

Now - in the last few days I have had an Op-Shop experience to rival any I have experienced in my life before. I have 'accidentally' stumbled upon two really good op-shops locally that have been the cheapest and the most exciting op-shops in a good long while. I have returned home with armfuls of stuff - literally - all for tuppence happeny or there abouts. I will attempt to document my ill gotten gains below in photograph form.

Terracotta Teddy Bear Lamp for Beanie's room. Can everybody say 'Awww'

Booksies including the very happy find of 'The Hungry Mouse, The Red, Ripe Strawberry and The Big Hungry Bear' which I actually had on order from a bookshop! The open book with the strange images is actually 'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen' for when she's much older.

A kiddy book bonanza including 'The Magic Finger' by Roald Dahl who I love. The 'How to Be Rich' book is all about self-esteem rather than materialism for toddlers!

This is a beautiful book of poetry. I just loved the silver tree emblem on the cover.

An example of the poetry inside this bad boy. Lovely stuff by Milton and Keates amongst others.

Can anyone say 'scary monobrow'? Yikes. Let's hope this isn't some weird side effect of attempting the crafty crafts within!

One of three bedside tables I scooped for a mere $2 each. No. It's not a mistake. I paid $6 in total for three bedside tables. Whoohoo~!

The third of the three bedside tables. (The second one is the same as the first - a lovely matching pair).

Some lovely booksies for mamma (love soup!) and for Beanie when she's a bigger girl.

Cute little Butterick patterns for even cuter little sleep suits. Now if only I could sew.

And this doesn't include the armload of clothes I bought (prices ranged from $0.50 to $2.50 for cardigans), the two fabulous little Teletubbies foam armchairs and poof set ($5) and the booster seat I bought from another shop the day before. I even managed to pick her up a hideously noisy guitar toy for $0.50 that works perfectly. See above for details.

All this and I haven't even gone on my Op-Shop tour with DocWitchy yet. This mindless glee spree is happening on Wednesday 8th as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival and will feature two Le Fey's cackling wildly over small shiny objects.


docwitch said...

Yay! new housie! And you're moving in this Spring?! That's mercifully fast! I look forward to visiting you and yours in your new abode...whoohoo!

That's a luscious load o' loot you've gathered there! The books are gorgeous! And the bedside tables are a score. It all bodes well for our adventure this week, I'm sure. I am soo, sooo looking forward to our foray into the world of oppy-shoppies.

I think the occasion may call for...stripey tights, (my version of witchy-poo occasion dressing dharrrr-ling).

Griffin said...

Hurrah! So happy you got your own house at last!!! ...and with garden, which is even better.

Are 'op-shops' like charity shops? We have charity shops here, but they are wise to what they sell now, so their prices are higher than they were.

So now you are...The Bargain-Hunter! I dread to think of the mayhem two la feys will cause among the op-shops of your neighbourhood. I picture sales staff having their hair go white with shock!!

I remember Simplicity patterns! My mum used to get those when I was a kid! You'll have to just try them out. Get in touch with Jodie at Ric-Rac, she's a crafter and might give you tips if you're good. There are some great, friendly sewing/fabric crafter blogs out there who can give you tips.

If docwitch is going for the stripey tighties, will you wear the pointy hat?

BTW, the Beanie looks very cute on the guitar! She might end up being the next Kylie, but playing guitar as well as singing!

The Awakened Heart said...

Yes - it is muchos exciting to have ones own domain. I can't wait to let much wickedness ensue with the decorating and planting. Let the games begin!
Yes, Op-shops are the same as charity shops and we have the same problem over here as you do in the UK - namely people overpricing things now they know that people like to shop in them! I remember when Oxfam was actually value for money, now they are a bona fide retailer! Ah, how I miss blighty sometimes. Still, when in Rome and all that buggary bollocks!
Hopefully she'll be somewhat cooler than Kylie - more of a Missy Higgins or a PJ Harvey. I do like em a little more unique.