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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Irate Aerobics and Catching Up

Let's begin with a bit of silliness - just to get things started on the right foot (or the back foot in this case!).

You Are Cayenne Pepper

You are very over the top and a bit overwhelming.

You have a fiery personality, and you can give anyone a good jolt.

You can easily take things up a couple notches, no matter what crowd you're running with.

Well, yes. Quite.

Moving swiftly on.

I thought it's about time I did a quick catch up on things happening chez moi. Well, firstly, my daughter did indeed get her sock monkey in time for her birthday. She has shown him scant attention (preferring her train and her wooden farm for some reason) but we have hopes of coaxing her to love him. Eventually.
Here he is in all his monkey glory:

Cute face, no?

Very skinny arms - not sure what happened there. Perhaps he was overexercising while stored in the cupboard?

Secondly, I have been very slack with my meditation and my writers work. The meditation room is now full of my many, many (many) books - all packed and sadly unread while they await transportation to the new hoosie sometime at the end of next month. The house feels sadly empty without our bulging, overburdened (I know how they feel) bookshelves spreading wanton knowledge all over our living area and tempting us away from the idiot box.
It's true, I had been slack before it got full 'o' books but I haven't felt like dragging my sorry, very tired, arse out of bed at 5am for some reason. I can't think why - unless it's just that I don't get to bed much before the witching hour most nights and my little willow-the-whisp seems to enjoy a nightly waking still. Grump. Still, in the new house I will have no special room for meditation and that means I have to utilise some other area of the house for these needs. And needs they are. I do need to do it. Otherwise I'm just a grumpy old cuss with no hope of reform.

However, to redeem myself slightly (in my own eyes at least), I have been tackling the multi-headed beast that is weight loss in a more constructive fashion of late. I have asked hubble to give me two months off the baby making in order to attempt some semblance of weight loss and to ensure that I don't simply look fat when I'm pregnant. (As opposed to now where I look pregnant and am simply fat - and yes, someone did ask). So - every day for 35 minutes I am to be found sweating crimsonly into the TV as I huff and puff and lug my chubby-ness around on an aerobics step with Jillian Michaels (of Biggest Loser fame) and Susan Powter of 1990's fitness fame. Susan is as mad as a hatter and a platinum blonde dreadlocked and tattoed lesbian, but her workouts do the trick. I just stick to that stuff and leave the rest alone.

Can I say with hand on heart that its completely horrendous. It's so hard and it takes me every ounce of my self-esteem and willpower to make myself do it. And it makes me angry. Am I alone in this? I get mad when I exercise. I am not a natural when it comes to exercise - which is strange when you consider that I spent most of my early childhood and adolescence being a dancer. Still, I promised the hubble. And this is the thing - I can not do it for myself but for him, I'll do anything. I don't want to let him down. I'm not sure what that says about me but its easier to promise something to him than to promise it to myself. Nothing sweet has passed my lips in 12 days (save for a little honey) and I have worked out for 11 of those days. I'm allowed one day off per week. Plus, on top of the hideous aerobics I'm also doing 30-45 minutes of either stretching, pilates or yoga. Mainly the first two as my poorly shoulder makes it difficult to do the yoga - no upper body strength anyway! I think I may be one of those women that swings violently from one thing to another. Ah well. Better to swing than to remain stagnant.

So - here I sit with my liquorice legs (a new and delicious tea from T2 - not a personal comment) and wonder what next. I have oodles of packing to do and only a month to do it in. Geez that's come around quickly. I am looking forward to happily nesting in my own wee hoosie and so soon but there is a Yikes! amount of stuff to do yet. And the bulk of it will be left to me as hubble is in the first month of his new job and cannot take any time off. Deep joy. Ah well, tis but a small price to pay for the wonders of home ownership and, more importantly, own gardenship. I am currently plotting in all senses of the word.

Anyway, I have tarried too long here. It takes up too much of my free time and there is sunshine to be enjoyed and books to be read and tea to be drunk. I shall leave thee now but shall be back hence and when thou least expecteth it.


Griffin said...

Sounds to me you could forget the aerobics and just do all the packing! That would keep you fit... especially packing books!!

"I shall leave thee now but shall be back hence and when thou least expecteth it."

Aha! Like... the Spanish Inquisition! ... do you have a nice red uniform and are your chief weapons surprise, fear and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope?

docwitch said...

That's such an adorable monkey! You clever woman - you're now officially a self-taught crafter! Love your work babe.

Aerobics is evil. I'm sorry, but it's true you know. You're fortunate that it only induces anger and not homicidal mania. Darlin' you got to find something you enjoy, you don't need that kind of pain. And it's a long road to getting results. Sorry if I undermine your efforts.

Get hold of a yoga dvd (Hemalaya Behl is very do-able and not blonde...if you know what I mean). It makes you feel good in your skin and builds long, lean, strong muscles and strengthens your core muscles.

Then, get yourself a couple of heavy-ish handheld weights (a few kilos each) and do three sets of 10 very slow squats per day (not necessarily all at once but throughout the day). This will kick your metabolism into gear, helps regulate blood-sugar,(this was recommended for my pcos), reduce fat, and strengthen your woman-bones at the same time. It even gets your heart-rate going.
That's all you need. Really.

Oh and try a cup of boiling water with a teaspoon of plain cocoa in it as a chocolate-y sugar-free treat It's yummy and good for magnesium (naturopath recommended too hehe).

Sorry - that's my two bits. Kick me if you need to.

When are you going to get me up packing boxes in them there hills? I shall just land on you if you don't suggest a time soon. We can natter, cackle, and pack teapots.

Mon said...

Hey there, found you via Docwitch.

I hear ya about the weight loss journey of hell. I gave up on exercise a long time ago. We decided to start seeing other people.

docwitch said...

Gawd - that was a bit of a fascist sounding comment I made there...bleugh. Didn't quite come out as I intended.

Whatever you do, I hope you are able to feel good in your very gorgeous skin. That's what I should have said. And that's why I recommended that dvd.
I just know too well issues around horrid bouts of torturous exercise, blood sugar chaos, and general deprivation. Can't bear to see others endure it.

Let's make a toast to your excellent health with a generous glass of Mr Frog Pinot Noir.

Griffin said...

I forgot (it's me age!) I am apparently also Cayenne pepper! Sigh... still at least I get to wear red... and I get to be hot!! That if nothing else makes a change!!

"I shall just land on you if you don't suggest a time soon. We can natter, cackle, and pack teapots."

There's a reason she's called docwitch. Just don't go out in the garden. Having a witch and broomstick land on you will scare the weight off ya!!!

Actually, I think you look very lovely and quite demure. You can stop laughing now and get back on the chair.