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Sunday, July 6, 2008

30 Days of Happiness - Day 2

30 Days of Happiness - Day 2 - Happiness is beautiful friends...

Me, my wee sprite, Kath and her wee sprite Lana, at Lily's First Birthday Party

Lily, Lana and Kath

MoonTurtle and Isis-Rose - witchypoo sisters

...and coming home to my lovely wee hoosie at the end of a long day.

Me wee hoosie

1 comment:

docwitch said...

Gorgeous post...(not just because moi is featured...hehe). This is really beautiful.

I'm feeling like giving this a go. Strangely I feel nervous about it...could I find enough happiness in my life? I think such a project may offer some surprising insights.

You are indeed my witchypoo sis'.