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Saturday, January 31, 2009

On trying noo things

This will of necessity be a brief interlude as I am laid flat on my back (steady on there!) trying to fangle out hubble's Apple Mac Book to see if having a laptop would be a good move for me. Another reason for the flat on my backishness of this post is because I have pulled, wrenched, yanked and otherwise buggared up my back and so have little choice but to lie prone until it gets better by itself. Or something. There is something slightly liberating about lying about in ones birthday suit with a fan throwing hot air back out all over one. It makes me feel like a card carrying, flower-wearing hippy. I don't know why. The only thing that breaks this somewhat 60's spell is the strangulated vocals and occasional screaming of a young man whose testicles are apparently on fire. No doubt from the bloody desert heat we are enduring, even here in the Nongs. Picture yourself in a scene from Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice and you'll be in the ball park of this sometime Emo village I appear to live in. Even the gangsta's have retreated indoors in the face of such obvious misery.

Despite my 'out of action-ness' and the fact that the internet connection keeps on dropping out, I am reasonably cheery. Perhaps simply because I can do this. Type whilst in bed. Connect with all you souls out there whilst simultaneously spending time in my very favourite place in the whole wide world. I quite like this mac thingy.

I haven't the faintest idea of how to add photos however, so it will be just words rather than any pretty images. If you want pretty images, go on over to Chez DocWitch, she's got some crackers over there.

On Wednesday my friend, Kath, broke her family's record for fast births by bringing into the world her second little soul, James Wyatt, in a record 1 hour after having her waters broken. Mummy and baby are doing well. I would be over there plying her with chocolate and shortbread right now were it not for my knackered back. I can't wait for a cuddle with a newbie. Anyway, the record was previously held by her sister who gave birth to her second child, Hudson, in a mere 2 hours. Can I just say that I would dearly love to get even close to these records when my next little soul puts in an appearance. I would happily forgo another 40 hours of posterior related agony in favour of a quick 1 hour, baby born, bit of shock, eat chocolate scenario. (And yes, I'm aware that I'm being deeply flippant - shock is very serious and I'm quite sure Kath will have her own issues to work through about the birth being that bloody fast, no matter how good it felt to have it over!). Still, I have birth envy. I'll get over it I'm sure.

Still, it does rather raise the question of when will our family be welcoming in their next little spirit? I have been dragging my heels somewhat, I'll admit. Mostly due to being very chubby and wanting to be a bit less chubby before I stack on more in pregnancy. My back is sore now - it will not get less sore with the addition of 20 kilos. Trust me - I've got that t-shirt. However, as those around me extend their little families from one to two and yet others around me consider the implications of adding another one to their brood, I am finding myself more than a little clucky. This is good. It's only taken me 2 years of extreme frustration and hard work to get to this point. Hubble has been wanting a baby for the past year but I have been unready and unwilling to really go for it until now. Now I am impatient. I know. It's just the type of annoying personality I am. I'm sorry. Still, with the work on the tantra column going well (see Living Now for more details) and us getting more opportunities to really connect, I cannot see it being all that long before our little boy (for boy I feel it is) decides to pick an egg and call it home for 9 months. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time, which is to be expected given my mothering journey thus far. I look forward to having another try at this whole labour thing and on being much less of a wussy. Actually, that's a little unfair of me to myself. I had a difficult first birth complicated by a posterior baby and ended up in hospital. This time I would like to carry through on my plans for a home water-birth or at the very least, a birth in water, even if that birth has to be in hospital. I am not really a wussy, I was just blown away by how completely and utterly agonising posterior labour was and had no-one with me that could show me what to do or what to try next to ease it. That's just the way it was. This pregnancy will no doubt be different in many ways but I sincerely hope that one of those ways is that the labour will be less intense so early and that I can cope without intervention. That will go a long way to making this a better birth and an easier introduction to the world for our little man (or girl). Nuff said.

It's hot enough up here to fry an egg on my head (though I don't intend to actually prove that theory), so I'll disappear into my rapidly dehydrating self and take some in some liquids. Gin would be nice.

So, this has been my macbook experience and I'm leaving you with it. Random blatherings on top of the line equipment are over for the day.

May your caravan be fully fitted with air conditioning and may your nights within it be cool and comfortable.



docwitch said...

Oh. Sorry to hear about your poor backsie. How did you manage that? As if the heat isn't bad enough. I hope it gets better very quickly.

That's wonderful that you're keen to try for another bairn. All the best with it, and have a lot of fun trying!

I love my MacBook. Wouldn't be without it. So much better than a PC, (which are actually Satan's bollox as far as I'm concerned).

Griffin said...

Ow! With a side salad of OW! and extra OW! with it. You just lie there and er, admire that birthday suit of yours. Such a great idea to buy a suit especially for your birthday he said carefully!

"the strangulated vocals and occasional screaming of a young man whose testicles are apparently on fire."

Yep that would definitely explain screaming. On the bright side at least that's got to be worse than the pain you are in so focus on that. Possibly also the flamethrower in your hands...!

Maybe you can use it on Satan's bollox especially for Docwitch.

Hope you're back on your feet and in trouble before too long.