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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Secret Gypsy Heart

Well, what a wonderful couple of days I have had.

The wild, winsome and wicked DocWitchy swooped in to my Caravan of Love, broomstick all dry and dusty, for a cuppa that turned into lunch at the ever delightful Kallista Tea Rooms, that turned into a wonderful curry dinner (hastily foraged for and prepared by her Witchypoo self - I contributed the witches brew and the poppadums), which turned into a very long evening of chitchat, spell swapping, story telling and ruby wine drinking, out on't patio until 2am. We lounged on our loungers hidden in a cocoon of mossie repelling black, fit for the skirts of the Goddess herself, lit up our bedouin lanterns and basked in the utter peace and stillness, sharing our space with growling possums and hooting owls. It was Divine.

The utter decadence of sitting out in the midnight air with a good friend, sharing a bottle of wine (or two) and talking into the wee small hours is just such a rare experience and therefore all the more cherished. It marked, for me at least, a shift in our relationship and a sweet deepening of our friendship. A friendship which has been growing all the more precious to me as each year passes. Doc is a smart, funny and generous woman with the lusty wild heart of a fellow Gypsy. All the women in my life seem to have a touch of this art and whimsy and I do love it so. These amazing fellow gypsy hearted women feed something deep inside of me that would wither and die without their love, support and friendship. I am truly blessed. Blessed to dream wild gypsy dreams and share our stories in trust and love. One of the best things in life indeed and something that money very definitely cannot buy.


The whole experience of the last two days has really reminded me of how much I love this bohemian lifestyle. The colour, the art, the music, the dancing, laughing and talking that seem to be such a rich and inviting part of this world I have awoken to once more. Truly good friendships do bring out the best in us. They invite us to play, to rest, to take stock and to simply pause in the stillness and quietly be. They light the little flames of our hearts desires and they inspire us to keep them alive, even as the world sometimes delights in trying to stamp them out. Doc - you are a candle in the night and I thank you for your generosity of spirit. May this year bring you so much more peace and joy, my love. Thank you for bringing a secret smile to my face and for sharing so much of yourself with me and mine.

This is what it felt like in spirit last night - if not entirely in form!

In my secret heart I have this romantic notion love that I would love that wild travelling lifestyle. I am seduced by the thought of sleeping beneath the stars, singing and dancing around the fire under a sky of blackberry blue, sneaking off into the emerald forests to find a soft patch of moss to lie on and sleep or make love under the watchful eyes of the Horned One himself. (Of course there is the lack of electricity and hot showers to contend with, not to mention the complete lack of fully functioning toilets but that never features heavily in my gypsy dreaming!). I think it all just appeals to the rampant pagan in me. I am of course terribly addicted to my pooter and my books and my DVD collection (especially as I have been surviving in true bohemian style without either broadband or terrestrial television. Perhaps I should make a bid for extra-terrestrial?), so I shall be content to simply wishfully think and make tents in my backyard out of acres of sparkly material, fairy-lights, lanterns and indian cushions.

*photos from the wonderful A Fanciful Twist blog.

So, if all of my fanciful musings have gotten you in the mood for a little gypsy dancing of your own, check out this little snippet. I have got to get this film.

So here I am. Tired (with a somewhat forceful and overly excitable toddler being bathed by lovely hubble) but feeling a little more 'me' than I have for a while. Plus, I got to stay up until 2am on a school night! Whoohoo!

I shall go gather my bangles and shawls around me, prance barefoot off to my beddybye and read my own fortune. I suspect it will say something like, 'Be prepared for a life full of good friendships, much laughter, lots of love and many, many happy surprises.' Now that's something to truly look forward to.

May your caravan take you places that awaken your heart and feed your soul.

*'Night Sky' photo by eileenteoshuqing.blogspot.com


Moonroot said...


Mon said...

ah, gorgeous words indeed.

The gypsy lifestyle is something that's been on hold for me. But those days beckon back, albeit modified.

Of course behemia is in the heart first.

Griffin said...

Well, you can live it by proxy if you check out


and see how the utterly talented and wonderful Rima and her Tui are living that very dream, their way.

docwitch said...

Ahhh...t'was a sublime interlude m'love. And such a tonic for me. I could have taken root in that lovely place of yours quite happily.

I really loved being up in't mountains with you again, lounging under the oak trees in our 'tent', and gazing at the stars in the beauty of the night. Chatting and quaffing, and soaking up the magick (such magick). And our little owl eaves-dropper, interjecting (I hope in approval) every now and again.

Here's to more beautiful, beautiful times like that!

Suse said...

I clicked to the commentbox to tell you to get to the Hermitage poste haste, but I see someone beat me to it.

You will love that blog. (Link on my sidebar)

Griffin said...

Docwitch, you are definitely right about the quaffing.

Suse, there's a link on my blog too. What is it about Rima, eh?

The Awakened Heart said...

Yes - I'm a big fan of Rima and her wonderful clocks! Now there is a REAL Gypsy woman and so talented too.

Anonymous said...

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