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Sunday, August 3, 2008

30 Days of Happiness - Day 27

Our local Baptist Church...

Yes, you did read correctly. I have become a closet Baptist. I discovered their musical kids programme called Making Music courtesy of our local maternal health nurse and went along with hubble to see what I could see, see, see. It was a revelation (of almost biblical proportions). Big room, lots of music and instruments for the kids to play with during the musical part of the session (which lasts about 30 mins). The lyrics to the songs were all projected up onto a screen so we could all sing along with the kids and do the actions. The kids then got some fruit, biccies, water and sultanas before having some 'free play' while the mums (and dad!) got scones with cream and jam and hot coffee or tea. Result!

The hubble and I are now firmly in the Baptist camp. Anywhere that serves scones gets vaulted to the top of my list. We will definitely be going back - Lily had an absolute ball. Plus, did I mention the scones?

Cutest thing ever was watching my daughter play with a magical pink castle with another little boy, each taking their time, no snatching, no contest of wills, no tantrums, just calmly and very pleasantly enjoying a shared moment with the wizards and princesses.

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