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Monday, February 14, 2011

Nourish Me:: Week Three - The Poets Muse


a. The act of nourishing.
b. The state of being nourished.
2. Something that nourishes; food.

Well hello thar! Welcome to Week Three of Nourish Me. Glad you could come. Sit down, grab yourself a cuppa and share the nourishy love.

This week so many things are nourishing my parched soul I feel full to overflowing. Let me share.

First of all this photo posted by Laura of Warmth and Light Photography (as part of her first nourishment post, no less), made my little heart sing. 

What I love most about this picture is it is all taken in and around MY HOME! She has reminded me so beautifully, through her sensual and inspirational photography, that my home is a source of nourishment. Through her creative eye, I see my home, my world in a new and magical way. A way that deepens my connection to this place as a place of spiritual renewal and peace. That is truly a gift.

Ok. This is a fun little creative tool that I've rediscovered recently. I used to do this a lot - when my creativity was really flowing. When you are surrounded by words in this way - sensual words, passionate words, descriptive words, funny words - then you find that your mind naturally wants to collaborate with them. To play. To bring them to life. To enjoy them. And so this week I bring you... 

Fridge Poetry 

Oh yes, I did!

From the sublime 

 To the ridiculous

So. Much. Fun.

You can buy fridge poetry magnets from any bookstore. They even come in the language of Shakespeare! I kid you not. 

Go and buy some. 

Right now. I'll wait.

Then get to work people and send me a link to your favourites! I loves it, I tells ya.

Finally. I have been on a course that has required me to take a self-portrait every day for the last seven days. I honestly thought it would be a bit of a chore. Especially as I have just a dinky little digital and not a big impressive camera with, you know, attachments and shit. But, I found it strangely satisfying. I really enjoy photography and one day hope to own a grown up camera with an adult lens of some sort. But until that gratifying day arrives, I shall piddle about thusly.

For more portraits and other stuff, check out my Flickr site.

Ok. That's enough nourishment for one week! Please do join us and link back to this site with your nourishing forays. It's so good to share. I will get a button sorted out and I will get a list of people who are joining in with the nourishment weekly if you leave me a comment with your name and URL.

Have a fantabulous week.


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