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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Think My Cat Is Trying To Kill Me

Belladonna - The Evil Mastermind of My Imminent Demise

It's all true.

Late last night I took a trip downstairs. Literally.

In the dim light from the bathroom door, teapot and empty ice cream container in hand, (ahem), I opened up the stair gate (safety first don't you know), stepped upon a strangely hairy, squashy and suddenly rapidly moving step and... fell down the rest of them onto the slate floor. 

Miraculously neither I nor the teapot were broken

What I said is unrepeatable. You would go to hell just for listening to it.

The cat escaped unharmed.

For now.

So, if you don't hear from me for a while. Call 000, claim foul play and blame the cat.

It was most definitely not suicide.

*Photo by Bayat on Flickr


laura (warmthandlight) said...

Phew. So glad Bella escaped unscathed! hehe. I do find it hard to think of that sweet, chubby furball plotting and scheming your demise, but then again, give most cats 10 minutes alone with a corpse and they'll start in on the face-munching...

craftydabbler said...

What a beautiful assassin you have. : )

Griffin said...

Gorgeous cat...probably now talking to her lawyers... 'I caught the scent of ice cream and was waiting to get some when I was wilfully trodden on...'

I'd press charges on a count of intention to kidnap ice cream and lying in wait with intention to ambush said ice cream.

All that aside, I am glad you are undamaged and that kids have had an early education into exactly what bad language is!

HOA Mgr Lady said...

PS Your cat called and she says you're trying to kill her!