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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Solstice Goodness

Happy Summer Solstice (again!).

Just a few images of our mini-Solstice celebrations. Thanks to Nettles over at The Magic Teapot Chronicles, I am now enjoying the delights of the Medaeval Baebes (the album is Illumination) which includes the track to which she referred in her recent post - 'My Lady Sleeps'. Well worth a little looksie and listensie... (Wish I knew how to embed bloody video to my blog. I've done it once and can never remember how to do it. Anyone who wants to share, please feel free). and yes, I do sometimes long to prance around in a flowing white dress with flowers in my hair.
Forgive the little Santa slipping in there but he's so cute! Not remotely connected with the Summer Solstice but still, so cute!

Flowers from my own garden - which is nice. Aren't they splendid? I don't even know what they are called but they come up in so many pretty colours, I couldn't resist.

Mmmm. Berries. I could overdose on cherries and berries, I tells ya.

Beanie is busy putting Christmas stickers over just about every surface we have, so I'd better go. Enjoy your Solstice celebrations (it can be tonight or last night y'see - depends on your almanac!) and put some flowers in your hair just for funsies. Yes, I mean the men too.



Nettles said...

Belated Solstice blessings to you me heartie!

And that all looks like very delicious and scrumptious goodness on thy table, (and those flowers look like hydrangeas to me - a turgid name for such a pretty flower isn't it?).

Looking forward to having a good grope of your pregnant arse tomorrow darlin'. Oh, and eating choc will be moste excellente also.

Sara said...

Oh Summer... I miss it. :) We are in the midst of our Winter here now. Very chilly.

Happy belated Solstice to you.

Griffin said...

Oh hydrangeas... looked to me like Rhododendrons, but I am sure Nettles knows better than me!!

We're having our Winter now, lots of snow everywhere I'm told... none here tho', dammit! I WANT SNOW! Ahem, sorry about that.

Have a fabulous new year Kat, be happy, safe and well. And no duffing yourself up, ok? You are quite obviously a fabulous mum and a wonderful woman... so there!

Just ask your other half, he'll tell you. Go on, ask him!