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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Twenty-Five (Random) Fings About Me

With the sub-heading 'Which You Probably Couldn't Care Less About' and a sub-sub heading of 'And that's ok with me - I'm not sure I care much either - I'm just curious to see what I come up with.'

*Are We Having Fun Yet?

And so - here tis. The Grand Presentation of Twenty-Five Things About Me (in no particular metaphysical, spiritual, physical, mental, elemental or logical order) as encouraged by the whimsical dark lord Mon.

1. I adore thunderstorms, rain on my roof at night and the dark. I am also a secret fan of primal screaming. Especially at the sea, in a thunderstorm at night. I once led an impromptu group primal screaming session at the sea in Penzance in Cornwall which left us all hoarse for a day.

2. My mother Glaswegian and a proud and fiery MacDonald and we are direct descendants of Flora MacDonald, who helped bonnie Prince Charlie escape by dressing him up as a serving maid. We have visited her cottage and there was an oil painting of her over the hearth which I swear was the spitting image of my mum.

3. I am a love child. My father emmigrated to Australia (Melbourne we think) when I was born. Apparently I looked exactly like him when I was born. I would like to meet him one day just to see.

4. My favourite flower is the Stargazer Lily (like Earthenwitch). I wore them in my hair when I got married, had them in my bouquet and named my first born after them. Lucky it was a girl, huh. I am also entirely too carried away by the smell of Jasmine, Gardenias, Frangipani's and Lemon tree blossoms twining around a soft summer's night wind.

5. I can never remember where to put apostrophes despite living with the King of Grammar himself.

6. I have met a rather large number of famous people. I have been mostly underwhelmed by them.

7. I'm never sure whether to call myself 'psychic' (though I come from a family of fairly gifted ones) but I am sometimes spookily intuitive. It is unfortunately not a very reliable talent and cannot be called upon at will. I would like to develop it but I have no brain cells left with which to study. I have a 2-year old instead. I did once 'cloud-bust' at primary school and predict that a someone on the playground would need to be careful on her way home. She nearly got run over. I also had a precognitive 'shiver' when I met the hubble and knew I'd end up with him.

8. I can tap dance. I used to be a very gifted dancer in most areas actually (and have the medals to prove it). I still love dance and cry when I watch So You Think You Can Dance. That show literally gives me chills.

9. In the words of my favourite cartoon character, Lola, I do not never, ever want to see a ghost but like Mulder, I believe. I also seem to attract a lot of people into my life who CAN see them. Spooky buggars.

10. Though I love the outdoors and have the deepest most passionate love of nature and our beautiful world, I am not a happy camper. Literally.

11. I have very strong craft envy but cannot sew or knit or cook (not as well as I'd like anyway) or bake or crochet or paint. I do enjoy working with clay and occasionally stuff just comes through me and I create something truly magical without meaning to. I like those days. I did once win a medal for painting at primary school. I painted a picture of what I thought the queens dress would be like for her Jubilee celebration. Medals are cool providing you don't have to fight a war to win one.

*The Nornir or Fates

12. I don't believe in fate. I believe we come in with a set of lessons to explore but that we still have the choice about whether we do them or not. That's where free will comes into incarnation and where we have numerous opportunities to stuff it all up royally or learn from it. I believe there is a higher power guiding us throughout our lives and I try to connect with that as often as possible and then get the feck out of my own way. And that is just about as hard as it sounds.

13. I love mythology. All mythological and spiritual traditions interest me but I am particularly drawn to Celtic Mythology, Shamanism particularly Celtic and Native American traditions and practices. I love the simplicity and peacefulness of Buddhism and the mystical fire and wonderful imagination of the Egyptian and Greek pantheons. I also have rather a morbid fascination with the religious practices of the Maya and Inca. Disappearing civilisations fascinate me. I want to know what happened.

14. I want to learn to play the guitar (accoustic) and I want to re-learn to play the piano as I am very musical and learned the piano, flute and violin (which I hated with a fiery passion) at school. I actually simply wanted to play the guitar, all the other things were offered as an alternative. I was part of both the orchestra and the choir at senior school. I played a mean variety of percussion. I sing well (strong mezzo soprano) and loudly when no-one else is around.

15. I am an actor. I want to return to it one day. I was drawn to it because I get to be other people all the time. There is nothing more fascinating to me than other people. Paradoxically, for a people that thrive, nay demand, attention, I am also terribly self-conscious.

16. I absolutely love the sea. It calls to me like a Siren and I will drive for many hours to be in its company but I am always very nervous when in it or on it.

17. I have never really felt safe. Ever. I am like this character from the Catherine Tate show. Having said that I am stubborn and willful and extremely capable - I tend not to let fear stop me from doing anything.

18. My best(and oldest)friend is a giant queen. We met at school the age of 13, saw Desperately Seeking Susan at the cinema and danced all the way home. We were deeply united through this love of dance - he's never had a lesson but he was so good and the only boy I've ever met who could dance 'properly' as in express himself through it. We've seen each other through a lot of change and we still make each other laugh. That's priceless.

19. I wish I had been at woodstock. In fact, I would have loved to have lived in the full swing of the 60's. I am a card carrying, bead wearing, incense burning, ankle-braceleted flower child and no mistake.

20. Jobs I have had: Shower model, podium dancer, burger slinger at MacDonalds, waitress, PA, masseuse, shoe shop assistant, record shop assistant, workshop co-ordinator for this bloke, New Age Centre assistant manager (the shop has changed hands and focus now but it was wonderful), writer and theatre dresser. I am currently the owner and creator of The Divine Feminine - offering spiritually nourishing alternatives to things like baby showers and hen nights. It's good fun and we do it all in a beautiful red tent!

21. I love receiving letters in the mail. I think that though email is definitely more instantly gratifying, there is something lovely about receiving a letter via post.

22. I am completely addicted to books. I am a pathological (and totally unrepentant) book slut. I can't get enough of them and I am royally abusing my local library at the moment in an attempt to stop spending vast quantities of money on them. It's very hard because I wants it. My precious....

23. Motherhood does not come easily to me but I love my daughter fiercely, passionately and with all my heart. It is my dearest wish to be a better mother.

24. I believe in a higher power and I believe that I am here to do something that only I can do. I am just sifting, exploring and waiting to discover what it is.

25. One day I'd like to train to be a tantra teacher, write a book that makes people laugh out loud, cry like babies and open their hearts to the world and get my (24 year old) body back - preferably through the art of bellydancing. Yes - I want a body like Shakira.


Sara said...

I have been reading through a few of these '25 things' lists this morning. I love them. Love getting to know everyone better.

#1. I love thunderstorms as well. We do not have as many here in Alberta, but when I was growing up in Texas we had them very often. Loved it! Loved seeing the lightening and smelling the rain.

#9. I do not want to see them either, but I believe too. I have felt ghosts around and have actually asked them not to take form. But they are more than welcome to hang out with me.

#19. Yes, me too. But I hid my hippy soul for too many years. I'm making up for it now. lol

#23. Motherhood did not come easy for me either. I still struggle at times. But I love my boy more than anything. Once I decided to stop listening to everyone else's opinion on what a good mother is and started following my own instincts, things started falling into place. My guess is, you are a better mother than you give yourself credit for. :)

Thanks for sharing your list. I have enjoyed it.

Jesa said...

Love your list, love the person who shines through them. Thank you so much for sharing it!


docwitch said...

Oh, this is beautiful Kitty!!

Flora MacDonald is your kin? One of my very favourite stories as a child was from a book called 'Adventure Stories for Girls from Long Ago'. It was all about courageous girls doing it for themselves. One such story I adored was about Flora MacDonald helping Bonnie Prince Charlie escape - loved that tale.
And my intensely Scottish grandma would raise her whiskey glass to honour the descendant of Flora MacDonald (hehe - I kid you not).

I love thunderstorms with a passion too. How's about we belly-dance during a thunderstorm some time? That will get some energy flowing!

Mon said...

Love the sound of rain on a roof.

Why can't I imagine you tap-dancing?

So great when someone plays the guitar. i have no interest in it but when I have held gatherings, I always like it when someone breaks out the strings.

YES to the sea, from a distance.

Yeah to woodstock, with a little less mud though.

Books, books, glorious books.

25 - let me know when it's ready....

Griffin said...

"22. I am completely addicted to books. I am a pathological (and totally unrepentant) book slut. I can't get enough of them and I am royally abusing my local library at the moment in an attempt to stop spending vast quantities of money on them. It's very hard because I wants it. My precious..."

Phew! What a relief... it's not just me. I have my own library and it is slowly growing to the point that I may actually have to move my bedroom downstairs... before the books mean my bedroom suddenly has a much higher ceiling than was planned for!!

I love getting letters in the post too... unless they are junk - and then I practice my fiendishest Origami on them. It's the only way they will learn.