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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hello. I'm briefly back in my office after being away at my in-law's all week to avoid the Upwey bushfires which were, unfortunately, just down the road from us. Again.

We left on Monday due to the high alert, came back on Tuesday thinking that all was well only to hear (straight after our lovely nap) that we had to leave again if that was our 'fire plan'. Which is was. So off we drove again. Cat, Kid and Kaboodle. I don't honestly think that any of us know if we are coming or going but Belladonna has been busy trying to establish a new 'territory' (in Glen Waverley) against the cheeky black interloper that lives next door. As I tried to explain to her this morning, 'You don't have any rights here honey, you don't live here. At least not permanently. We hope.'

Now we are fleetingly visiting to collect car and to water thirsty plants. It's so nice to be home and so not nice to know that we will be leaving in an hour to return to the in-laws to wait out the extreme fire danger that is tomorrow's horrendous heat.

It has been stressful to say the least. Thank God for workable and generous in-laws though - what would we do without family?

I also just wanted to say a huge 'THANK YOU' for all of the wonderful comments that have been left on my last blog entry. It truly made a difference to feel supported and I do feel better - just not all better yet. Reading your comments made me feel so held and what's all the more amazing is that I've never met most of you. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all your words and thoughts and love. It means more than you can know.

So - I'll be off again. Brevity - who knew I had it in me? I'll post more when I have access to the computer again and have an uninterrupted 5 minutes to type.

I hope that we all remain safe and sound tomorrow and that the terrible bushfires come to an end soon. I for one am very much longing for the soft cool touch of Autumn.

Blessings on your Caravan

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sol y luna said...

So glad you, man, child, house, and feline are still ok. So much stress and upheaval, poor darlings. All my bits are crossed for your continued safety, and you are not alone in longing for the cool(er) embrace of Autumn. (I am massaging during the hottest part of the day in the city tomorrow, to raise money for the bushfire survivors. Hopefully people will feel like a good sweaty prodding for a good cause...)

Mon said...

I'm glad to hear from you. I think of you daily and wonder if you're yet burnt to a crisp (hey, just following the inappropriate humour route).

Keep us updated, so that we don't worry 'smuch.

Cyndee Greene said...

Well, I tried to leave a message on your last post & it didn't go thru & I had to go then.
I want to deeply thank you for your heartfelt sharing of your struggle & difficulties in being a mom. And also dealing w/ the fires & evacuations.
One of the things that I was saying in response to your last post was that I wish I was there. We all need support sometimes. Being a mom is the hardest job there is. I wish I could just come over & cook or hold the both of you or play or just be there to listen or whatever else is needed.
I think I found you thru our similar interest in Dawna Markova...& she always says 'in order for us to feel our joy, our purpose, our passion, our (fill in the blank), we must also know it's opposite.' This is hugely paraphrased. She was writing her book about discovering passion & she was fighting inertia....
You know it is easy to write about the good, happy things. It takes alot to write about the true struggles we go thru.
I hope the fires end soon. I am truly grateful that you have your inlaws.

Moonroot said...

Sorry to hear you are still fire-dodging. But glad to hear you and yours are OK. I hope things will cool down soon for you.

docwitch said...

I'm thinking of you, and calling for the coolness of autumn. I really, really hope all the fire scares are over for you now. It would be unbelievably stressful, and harrowing too.

1st day of autumn tomorrow, (I know it's just a date, but at least that's a start).