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Friday, December 12, 2008

One Sweet Blog Award

Thanks again to Moonroot for this cute little number.

I have to list seven things in a number of different categories.

7 things to do before I die

1. Walk the Inca Trail.
2. Write a really good book. One that makes you laugh and cry, smile and yearn.
3. Learn how to make stuff – clothes, toys, anything and everything.
4. Build a mud brick/earthbag/adobe/cob meditation hut.
5. Awaken my Heart.
6. Become a Tantra teacher.
7. Have another baby.

7 things I do now

1. Swear. A lot.
2. Sing all the time.
3. Write.
4. Worry.
5. Procrastinate wildly.
6. Run wonderful events for women. I love my work. www.thedivinefeminine.com.au.
7. Read whenever I can.

7 things I can't do

1. Play piano any more.
2. Anything mathematical.
3. Read instructions.
4. Sew.
5. Prevent my daughter from repeating the last things she hears about a million times.
6. Understand myself.
7. Enjoy sport.

7 things I find attractive in the opposite sex (in no particular order)

1. Beautiful eyes.
2. A great sense of Humour.
3. Creativity.
4. Openness.
5. Honesty.
6. Intelligence.
7. A sense of Adventure/Musical ability (what can I say – I have a soft spot for muso’s).

7 things I say most often

1. Oh, For F***’s Sake!
2. Awesome!
3. Alright. See you later.
4. I love you. (To my mum, my daughter, my hubble, my friends – everyone I love).
5. D'you know what I mean?
6. Christ on a bike!
7. That's hysterical!

7 celebs I most admire

1. Cate Blanchett
2. Kate Bush
3. Emma Thompson
4. Claire Bowditch
5. Dalai Lama
6. Wayne Dyer
7. Daniel Day Lewis

7 favourite foods

1. Fish and Chips
2. Fish Pie (home made)
3. Chocolate and all chocolate related products both known and unknown in this universe and all others
4. Lemon Cheesecake
5. Mashed potato (especially when it comes with Bangers and Red Onion Gravy from the Bangers and Mash Café in Notting Hill, London.
6. Warm Pecan Pie….mmmmm
7. My mum’s Macaroni Cheese

I’m going to follow Moonroots lead with nominations. I've already done a fair bit of nominating in the last post, so for this one I'm going to just say I nominate everyone on my ‘Eye & Heart Candy’ blog roll, and if you read this and would like to join in - well, consider yourself nominated too!


docwitch said...

This is a tres cute award-y! Thankee dear heart!

I'm going to have to put my creative thinking cap on to come up with some answers to these questions too.

But first, I have to deal with the out-laws who have descended upon us. Gah-dom.

docwitch said...

I hath finally posted about this. And Happy Solstice for yesterday too by the way!