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Sunday, August 3, 2008

30 Days of Happiness - Day 28

Happiness is...

A day at the Zoo.

It was Hubble's birthday on Thursday and as he is off work on holiday, we decided that a trip to the Zoo with the Beanie was in order.

We saw Lions and Gorilla's and Bears, oh my. (No Tigers for us).

Lazy Lion

The Lions made a big show at the end of the day, lots of pacing and roaring - I was a tiny bit worried that it might give Lily nightmares. The sound is so intense and terrifically loud that it shakes your heart in your chest. When they are standing mere inches away with only a mesh fence between the two of you, it is all the more powerful!

The magnificent Silver Back Gorilla

Bears glorious bears....how I do love them.

Not to mention Otters and a very persistent Peacock that just kept popping up everywhere we went. So beautiful.

Perky Peacock

Playful Otter

This is Lily trying to break into one of the Kangaroo compounds. She was skillfully diverted but insisted on saying goodbye to them... "bye bye boing boing.'

We saw some amazing Snow Leopards and a gorgeous Black Jaguar. I love being able to see animals that I adore up close but there is always such a sadness in me that they are here. I feel sure that they must be longing for the lands of their birth. I mean, Snow Leopards (traditionally found in Tibet) in Melbourne where it never snows?

At the end of the day, after 5 hours of walking round without a break, we bumped into one of my friends and Lily's playmates. The kidlets then spent a good half an hour running around in the Orangutan enclosure screaming madly. The perfect end to a lovely day.

Lily, Daddy and Abbey (from left to right).
Is the one in the back pack not enough for you man?


Daddy said...

Actually, you mean from right to left. Lily's the one in the backpack. Don't you know your own daughter?

The Dark Mother said...

Oops - I do too! A Freudian slip maybe?