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Friday, May 30, 2008

Terrier Mind

Well, it's been a strange couple of days made all the stranger by the coffee throwing nazi who painted my car with his beverage for some imagined parking offence yesterday and whose aggressive and petty actions caused me a lot of anger, some fantastically graphic imagined retribution scenarios involving a sledge-hammer and a large amount of my urine and a rather swift descent into the awful 'terrier mind' syndrome by which I am often afflicted. I did rather cure myself of most of it last night be writing an Anger Letter - this is, of course, a letter in which you say exactly what you feel. I wrote mine in true technicolour detail and I have to say that when I had finished I was absolutely pissing myself laughing. It actually brought tears of mirth to my eyes. Who knew I was so funny when I'm angry? I let my husband read it because he wanted to know why his wife was cackling like something demented but the part that we laughed at most was the sentence 'you have all the personality and charm of a 12 day old sheepdog carcass, partially burned and then shat in by a hobo'. Ah, good times.

Anyway, despite laughter being the best medicine (which is something my mum always says), I still find my inevitably overanalytical mind revisiting the incident and worrying at it like a dog with a rag. I imagine what I'd say or do if it happened again and it is always invariably graphic, violent and, very, very angry. For all my explorations into the spiritual and in spite of my best intentions I still find it hard to deal with these situations in a rational or even-handed manner. Mainly because they fire up so many different conflicting emotions in me. I feel slightly frightened by the display of aggression, I feel powerless to do anything about it in case it escalates or people I love get hurt. I slip back into feeling like a victim because I am a woman and therefore physcially less able to handle myself. It drives me crazy and I have to keep consciously bringing my mind back to the present, disentangling my energy from the incident and trying to move on from it. The anger letter helps because every time I remember it, I have a little chuckle. However, I would really like to know how to handle these situations better, faster and so that they don't get a hold inside me that takes days to let go of. I also don't feel very inclined to send love in the face of aggression which I think is normal when one is feeling attacked. Anyhoo - the terrier mind is a bitch and I'd like to find ways to soothe and redirect her energies into something more productive and enjoyable than revisting past hurts. Answers on a postcard please.

Apart from this things have been ticking along nicely really. My wee wun and I have been spending more quality time with one another and by that I mean playing together and connecting more than is usually possible on an average day. We spent a lovely hour reading Hairy MacLary amongst other things.
I am particularly in love with The Gruffalo and The Gruffalos Child which Lily absolute adores even though they are a little old for her. i really recommend these books for children of any age as they are beautifully illustrated and so enjoyable for mums and dads to read too. Of course, in order to bring something of home with me to my mothering, I recently purchased the DVD of Meg and Mog who I absolutely love. Well, I would wouldn't I, all stories about a Witch, Meg, her cat Mog and her Owl, Owl who is voiced by one of my all time favourite writers from the UK, the fabulous Alan Bennett. I was once lucky enough to have my own writing mistaken for his at an audition for Bristol Old Vic Drama School. You can imagine how much that little comment buffed my ego when I still find it necessary to tell the story! If you haven't already do check out his Talking Heads stuff - funniest writing and best acting by some of Englands best talent including another much loved personage, Julie Walters. I digress - I was talking about Lily and me - she's now tucked up safe and warm in bed and I'm free to witter on in my usual fashion and empty my head so that the terrier has room to sleep or bite her fleas or whatever.

Before I leave, as indeed I must for my brain is becoming mushier than a 10 day old banana, I will just say that I have been listening to the most amazing music by Yungchen Lhamo a gorgeous Tibetan refugee who has the most achingly beautiful voice and with such longing that I am moved to tears whenever I listen to her. Her music is divine and since I'm already in love with all things Tibetan, including The Dalai Lama (or Daddy Dalai as I call him), I wanted to mention them here. I could add more but let's leave it for another time.
Nighty Night.

1 comment:

docwitch said...

Hello Alan Bennett!
That sounds like an awful encounter. No doubt that person has massive issues, possibly aggravated by caffeine.
You're right, said caffeine chucker would have "all the charm and personality of a 12-day old sheep's carcass, partially burned and shat in by a hobo". That's the very image that comes to mind whenever I think of aggro caffeine hurlers. Perfect!

I know what you mean about replaying things. I used to be a lot more forthright (perhaps stupidly since they're usually bigger than me and I ain't no martial artist), but since having the wee one, I really stand back.

Love that letter. Best way to handle it m'love.

Oh - and don't you just love those Gruffalo books? They're treasured faves at chez docwitch.

I must listen to Yungchen Lhamo - sounds sublime.