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Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me

It's sort of like Tree Lightning, don't ya think?
 So - I'm working on another nourishing post right now but while we're waiting (cue elevator music), here's something we made earlier...

The lovely (and enormously creative) Margaret over at We Bloom Here hosted a wonderful little 'Birdie' swap recently and I was excited to take part. (I know, I'm turning into some sort of swap slut now too). And so I whipped up these little critters for my two swap partners.
Inspired by the beautiful Fairytale of The Wild Swans
 They are made of wool roving following a lovely, easy tutorial from the Living Crafts magazine. I have linked up to the page with the free patterns but you will need to buy the magazine to get the tutorial for these babies.
Birdie Num Num
 I should have made them in black as we have black swans over here in Australia, rather than the more traditional white. But I'm from Britain and they don't make black wool roving around these 'ere parts, so white they is.
Showing off now...sparkly white winter tree..yum
I enjoyed making these birds so much that I made too many (even after the one I made for my beanie girl) and so I thought it would be nice for Margaret to have her own. After all, she created the swap and organised it all. So my little swan flew half way around the world to land on the cutest little heart doormat outside the gorgeous red door of the Blooms. It was serendipity I think.
Swan Lake
Would rainbow coloured swans be weird do you think? I've gotten quite the passion for them now.

Oh and I had the delightful news that something created by those wonderful crafty hands is winging it's way to me! I shall have to prepare a comfortable nest for it to rest in - it's a long way to fly after all. So excited.

So now, go check out her wonderful blog, be inspired by her thoroughly original creations, take a gander (gander, get it?) at all the fabulous birdies people have made here,  and keep an eye out for her next swap. I'm sure it will be wonderful.

Oh and here's a little Gnome, Toadstool and Fairy love to show y'all what else I have been making.

Rainbow Fairies

A wheel of fairies (as opposed to cheese)
These delightful little flutterers were created for the One Hook Wonder craft swap. We had to make 16 items! 16! Naturally, as I had access to her at the time, I took sore advantage of the lovely Docwitchy in order to complete mine in time for the deadline. I swapped her skills for dinner and red wine, heh, heh, heh. It was good fun and the two little witchlings got to take home/keep some of the loot too, some of which they they made themselves. Awwww.
Lovely to look at, lovely to make, but if you eat one, consider yourself dead. 

A gnome away from home
The toadstools were made for the Mushrooms, Hedgehogs and Gnomes swap with Bits of Goodness. Can't wait to see what I get back, there are some seriously talented crafters on that site!

Anyhoo, I'll be off now. It's late and I have more swap items to make. Well, I what can I say except..."Lookin' for a littull company, Sir? I can show you a real good time wiv wool rovin..."


Nettles said...

You have been busy! Iz impressed! The swans are incredible! Really beautiful. All the bits and bobs are in fact. The fairies look like whirling dervishes in their cheese wheel ; )

Have seen those toadstools of yours in the flesh and they're very cute!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Well crafted!! :-)