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Monday, March 21, 2011

Nourish Me:: - Week Six - Bite Me

No, he hasn't killed and eaten someone with his impressive new teeth - it's the organic beetroot!

Right now, my nourishment is coming in sweet little bite size pieces:

:: watching :: a beautiful pregnant woman, in a stunning vintage dress, get married to a sweet guy; the biggest full moon rise over the dark hills; the glowing fire putting my overtired wee Bear to sleep; Beanie screaming with joy on a big ride.
:: loving :: the little moments of crafty fun I am managing to squeeze into my days (and nights); my quirky, loud, boisterous, funny little Bear and Bean playing chasey; the smell of wood smoke and the increasing chill in the air; the best ever recipe for chocolate zuccini bread...OMG it is SO good; our autumn nature table.
:: longing :: for a little quiet time to read; a little quiet time to knit; a little quiet time to plan; oh and a little quiet time.
:: looking forward to :: getting rugged up and going for a walk. Since camping I seem to be more at home in the fresh air than I am indoors!; a trip to the theatre to see a friend in a play - I haven't been to the theatre in over four years (motherhood tends to get in the way of my artistic pursuits!); a good 10 days of 'man about the house' when hubble takes a looooong break over Easter; receiving my craft swap items from persons unknown; Winter days at the beach; mulled wine; hot chocolate; open fires. 
:: heading towards :: new creative horizons with my writing and my business. Watch this space.
:: enjoying :: my bed; a little champagne; a change of scenery - oh I do love a rolling hill or six; time with friends with kids; feeling inspired; life through the eyes of my girl; coffee; my op-shop obsession; culling, culling, culling - books, clothes, toys, baby clothes, baby equipment - it feels so refreshing!
"Look mamma - it's a fairy house for sure!"
:: talking about :: being present; the future; a third baby - will we/won't we?; weddings we have known and loved; simplifying.
:: surprising myself with :: how much attention I am paying to my own nourishment because I know that I have to write about it; moments of real patience in difficult situations.
Daddy's fruit face - yup, making them is a little addictive.
:: feeling :: blessed, hopeful, inspired and just a little bit cheeky.
:: hoping :: you guys will share a little of your self nourishing with me, even if it's only now and then.
:: grateful for :: every moment.

How about you lot?


Anonymous said...

My dream is to live in a place with only 3 seasons - autumn, winter & spring (or to live here until summer & head to Oz for your winters :-). Can't wait to hear about your work plans. I've been brainstorming a bit myself. Looking forward to hearing your 3rd babe decision. As one who's still (4 yrs later) coping with crushing PPD/PTSD, it boggles my mind that I still desperately want another kiddo. I leave for my 10 day solo retreat in a little over a week while the Australian side of the family come take over my domestic duties. I'm terrified and giddy! Blessings to you.

laura (warmthandlight) said...

How lovely! There's such a soft and refreshing energy about this post. Things are good, si? So many precious moments of nourishment to savour. xx

karen said...

what a wonderful positive post, I realy enjoyed reading these bits and pieces of your life:)

anna said...

Oh my goodness what a gorgeous post - so full of rich ideas and inspired possibilities! And incredibly beautiful pictures too. Your autumn table warms my heart and soul...

Stacy (Mama-Om) said...

I am just to touched (and nourished by!) the richness and sincerity in this post. And what a wonderful photo to start off with!!

I just wrote a post about our last two days with an idea of focusing on our fun and flow, but your post inspires me to be a bit more intentional about it, to really notice what fills me up. Hmmmmm.... ideas are cooking.

Thank you.


The Awakened Heart said...

Aw shucks! thanks guys. I do so love reading your comments and knowing that I may have started just a little ripple pushing you gentle into being kinder and more present to the nourishment in your lives. Such a blessing.