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Thursday, June 18, 2009

For Shits 'N' Giggles

I wanted to post these clips because they made me laugh so hard that I cracked two ribs and ended up in hospital on a respirator. No. Really. They're THAT funny.

First one is a bit rude. Don't watch if you are easily offended by purile boy humour.

It is swiftly followed by the follow up to Dick in a Box which I will post again here so that you can follow the sequence and potential die laughing. (How many times did I use the word 'follow' in that sentence. Sheesh!)

The Sequel is here.

And finally - this is from the genius who bought us the literal version of Bonnie Tylers Total Eclipse. Check it out two posts back if you haven't yet seen it. It's not quite as funny but then what could beat that?



Jenell said...

I've seen that Justin Timberlake one before, but all of these together, are somethin' else!

Too funny! And am so glad I'm a chick....

docwitch said...

I remember having such a giggle with you and sol y and the Ging that night over these!

And yes, thinking of these things - the Cackle Club is waaay overdue is it not?

Ruth said...

I have never laughed out loud from a blog before like yours!! Thank you so much!! I'm so pleased with myself I found it.
Surely you have come across Flight of the Conchords...Business time is quite good...