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Friday, March 6, 2009

Small Beautiful Choices

My new teacups. Red 'n' spotty because I am suddenly very drawn to rich fun colours like red, yellow and orange for my kitchen. They make me smile every morning.

My very special teacup. Buttercup yellow and gold. I bought special teacups for all of my very special friends this Christmas. I wanted beauty to be the first thring that greeted them in the morning.

The first fruits of our passionfruit vine which grows abundantly (despite the drought and recent hot weather) on the outside of our veggie garden. I was so excited to see these I actually squealed prompting my daughter to ask, "What was that noise mummy?"

Beanie and our second (I will not ever, never eat a) tomato. We have absolutely loads of them ripening on the vines. I'm guessing I'll be knee deep in chutney and passatta come April. Now if I only knew how to make chutney and passatta I'd be laughing.

* Autumn Crow

Well, Autumn has well and truly arrived for us in the hills. We went from a stagnant, hot and sticky summer to the full blown wet and cold of Autumn in one day. Guess that's Melbourne for you. Monday had us off the mountain and taking comfort in the air conditioned goodness of the in-laws house and Monday night had us soaked to our skin trying to remove our 'fire danger' sand bags from our spouting as we enjoyed a torrential downpour for several hours. As I waded in ankledeep water in our sunrooms, I reminded myself that I have been praying for just such rain for the past month. We have had since had the heating on every day and the jumpers, tights and boots have all been dug out. The weather sure doesn't muck about in this hemisphere.

I for one am very glad of the change. I have so longed for autumn that it feels almost too good to be true that its finally here. It's my favourite and my best. I love the cold dark nights and the cold dark mornings and rugging up in furry blankies and drinking hot choccy in front of the coonara stove. I love the mist and the chill and the green. It's just so divine and peaceful. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this area that has breathed a sigh of relief with the onset of the more wintery weather. With the horror of the fires fresh in our psyches, there will now be time for people to being the slow process of rebuilding their houses and their hearts knowing they have at least got nine months grace before the weather causes concern again. I think for the first time I have fully realised that this is what people up here live with year after year. I guess its the price for enjoying the beauty and the peace for the rest of the time. I certainly won't be taking it for granted any time soon.

Anyway I'm off to snuggle up under a blanky and watch a dramatisation of the Roman Empire called, unsurprisingly, Rome! Love those recreations of ancient civilisation.

Until next time, may your caravan be warm and cosy.


Mon said...

Is that the new Rome series? It's brill.

Those passionafruits looks bloody amazing!

Ah Autumn, my fave. We just skipped it entirely here, went from Summer to Winter in days, very vexing.

Griffin said...

Sigh... here in the Northern Hemisphere it's spring and while it's still cold... it's threatening sunny days... just when I was getting used to my big heavy overcoat again too.

Hmm a Bean holding a Tomato! To make Passata... go to www.chocolateandzucchini.com and ask on the forums or check the recipes on the side bar!

If the cooks on the forum or Clotilde doesn't know how, nobody does. Same goes for chutney.

Toms are good with sugar tho'. Cut into segments and dip in sugar. Then fill face with said toms!

I love your buttercup yellow teacup, utterly gorgeous. I like the spotty one too. I have a pair of black ballet flats with white spots from Hobbs which I got for my collection. Would love a pair with that red and the white spots tho'!

docwitch said...

I'm feeling very happy about Autumn - it feels me with anticipation and excitement. And of course there is the added dimension of being able to breathe a big sigh of relief that the danger has, for the most part, now passed.

Wow! you have passionfruits! My vine is still quite young and I won't have fruit this year, but it is powering along nonetheless. Inspiring to see your fruit there - I can look forward to that next year I hope.

Love that pic of the Beanie - she looks so proud and fascinated by what her garden has produced. I just love the delight children have for these things.

Sara said...

Teacups make me happy.

Autumn is my favourite season as well. I love everything about it from the chill in the air to the fall colors. I am almost a little jealous that you have it now. Although I do love Spring as well, which is where we are headed. Enjoy your Autumn time.

Love you pics.

sol y luna said...

Autumn has been welcomed with open arms in this household too! How strange to have the heater on only a couple of days after sweltering.

Love your teacups! They made me happy just looking at them too. I adore my Moroccan tea glasses. They're my special ones for chai, and I think of you.

Gorgeous shots, especially Beanie with vibrant red tomato! That child is impossibly gorgeous.

Very much looking forward to snuggling up with you in the autumnal hills tomorrow.xx